hug me
"If I had a drink for every fuck I gave about you, I’d be intoxicated forever. I’d drink myself to death."
-Anonymous (via peace-is-rad)
"If they ask you about me, tell them “She was the only girl who loved me with honesty, and I broke her.”"
-Shahrazad al-Khalij (via nizariat)
Artist: UnknownJoey Bada$$
Title: UnknownWorld Domination [Prod. By MF DOOM]
Album: UnknownJoey BADA$$ - 1999
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If you kiss my neck… You’re not leaving this room unfucked.


One of my favorite quote of Malcolm in the middle.
"I want to be the kind of person who can do that. Move on and forgive people and be healthy and happy. It seems like an easy thing to do in my head. But it’s not so easy when you try it in real life."
-Waiting for You (Susane Colasanti)

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